Sen3 Backup Solutions

Integrated to backup and safeguard against any potential eventual data loss.

We guarantee each solution to fit into any DRP that has been set in place.


The Procedure


                        Sequence of Backups Why
Replicable filesystems ZFS provides both in place copies for backup, but also allows for replication at block level to other systems. Server hardware failure
OS on a stick Having the host OS on a USB stick provides a level of abstraction which few companies offer. As a bonus, the OS is hardware independent so in a pinch any computer can be used to get a customer up and running quickly Server hardware change / upgrade
Data on multiple NAS We recognize the importance of having a replica of data always on call. For that reason there is always a second online (but unreachable) copy of the data, dated 1 day before. Hit by ransomware? Not a problem – roll back to the previous day NAS hardware failure
Shadow Copies / Snapshots If Windows virtual servers are used, Shadow Copies will certainly used. In case Linux is used, ZFS or LVM Snapshots will be used instead File deletions / overwrites
Cloud Backups If you have Google Drive / Dropbox or OneDrive we can make use of it in our backup plans. Since cloud based space can be expensive, we can advise on how best to use such space. Workplace inaccessibility
Synology Cloud Backup If using a Synology, this is like having Shadow Copies on an external source. Shadow Copy failure
Sen3 Windows Backup Tools Our suite of software do many tasks; verify free space, check if backup task completed, keep track of what ran what and for how long with a log of events. But there is more. Our suite of software archives old data, creates archives of work done during the day, and transmits the data to FTP servers (local or remote) safely and efficiently. Second tier backup
Manual Backups Finally, with a maintenance agreement, we will do manual backups, keep yearly archives, even implement BD archiving policies (semi-automated). Upgrades and changes