Data Security Solution

A multi-encryption system, executing all 3 layers of protection, using only private keys.

This solution provides isolation and security from external attackers, in-house developers and high level employees with secure access to data.

We encourage interaction among your developers to provide an extra layer to which we are not party of.


The 3 layers of protection

Search Keys To access the secured data it is necessary to know at least something from the data itself – what users will search with. It is the first safeguard because if there is no hit, then no data will be accessed as no record exists
No Key Transfer The decryption module will never have the key to decrypt the data. It is purely a brute force methodology.
Different Databases The encrypted key databases are housed in separate servers, with different encryption systems (minimum 2 and maximum of 8). Each preloaded by different authorised personnel. All keys are unique
Responsibility Sharing No one person can (and should) ever have access to all the keys
Data Split before store The secured data is split (at a random point)  and each part is padded and stored into 2 different databases (randomly) and one key is chosen from one of the  databases (randomly) .
Multiple Encryption There are 2 separate encryptions. One using a traditional encryption before splitting the data. This uses a traditional encryption method which can be chosen by the customer. The second encryption occurs on the split parts and uses the random key.



Unlike traditional methods, the encryption system does not rely solely on mathematics. It rather exploits the speed of modern cpus to brute force keys to decrypt the data.

The only way to decrypt the data is to have all key databases, have the decryption key for each database, then try to match each record with a corresponding record in another database…… List goes on. 


Who is this built for?

Data Warehousing
Credit Card information
Personal Information of a large group of people
Medical Information
Sensitive Information